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Payment Plans

We have various plan options for paying your tuition and fees bill.

Semester Payment in Full

If you are paying your single semester bill in one payment, simply use one of the payment methods available by the due date.

Adelphi Two-Payment Plan

Students may elect the two-payment plan for each semester. One-half of the balance, plus the $60 two payment plan fee, is due by August 1 for the fall semester or January 6 for the spring semester. The final payment is due on October 15 or March 15. This alternative is only available for semesters extending beyond 10 weeks.

Application process: Applications for the two-payment plan may be made by signing the appropriate section of the bill for each semester and by forwarding the $60 two-payment plan fee with the first payment.

Two-Payment Plan Fee: $60 per semester

Special provisions: Two payments due each semester:

Fall semester: August 1, October 15

Spring semester: January 6, March 15

For further information: Contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 516.877.3080.

Monthly Tuition Pay Plan

Many students have indicated a preference to pay on a monthly basis. Adelphi offers a monthly Tuition Payment Plan, which provides for payment in monthly installments as an alternative. Information on this plan is sent to the student’s Adelphi email account and can also be obtained in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Application process: Enroll in the Higher One Tuition Payment Plan. Information regarding the Tuition Payment Plan will be forwarded to the student’s Adelphi email account and will be available in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Application fee: $50 nonrefundable application fee payable to Tuition Pay.

Special provisions: Applications received prior to May 1 require the application fee (First payment is due by May 1). For applications received after May 1, the application fee will be required in addition to the first payment. Monthly statements will be provided by Higher One to the student and the University.

Students whose bills are paid through this payment plan option will continue to receive statements from the University showing all activity on their account. These statements should be used to calculate any balance that may be due after all tuition payment plan payments have been received by the University. All remaining balances are due in full by March 15 each year. Any balance remaining after March 15 will incur late payment fees (see Tuition and Fee Schedule).

For further information: Visit or call toll free at 800.635.0120.

Pre-Payment Plan

For students and parents interested in stabilizing the tuition rate (prevailing during the first year of participation in the plan), Adelphi offers a pre-payment plan. Participation is limited to those in full-time attendance. Only tuition charges are included. All other charges are payable as billed. A single payment covering the entire cost of undergraduate tuition is required to be made.

Finance charge: None

Special provisions: Cannot participate if student is a recipient of institutional aid.

For further information: Contact the Office of the Controller at 516.877.3177.

The information contained on this site is subject to change without notice.

For further information, please contact:

Office of Student Financial Services
Levermore Hall, Lower Level
p – 516.877.3080
p – ext. 2240 (on campus only)
f – 516.877.3380
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