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New York State Excelsior Program

What is the Excelsior Program?

New for Fall 2018: Adelphi introduces the Enhanced Assistance Grant, promoting Adelphi affordability nationwide.

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New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the concept of “free tuition” at public institutions, effective Fall 2017, for students who are New York state residents and U.S. citizens who demonstrate family incomes of less than $125,000. But there’s a catch. In order to receive “free tuition” students must:

  • Maintain a minimum GPA—or they will lose the grant.
  • Complete 30 credits per year—or they will lose the grant.
  • Graduate in four years—or they will lose the grant.
  • Live and work in New York state after graduation for as many years as they receive the grant—if not, they’ll be required to repay the grant. In essence, the grant becomes a loan.

And if the funding runs short? Students may be denied the free tuition grant altogether. A state-run lottery will decide who receives the grant, forcing many eligible families to be turned away.

What You Need to Consider

Scholarships and grants are important and we know that.

Adelphi awards financial aid to 95 percent of its full-time undergraduates* and the average financial aid package in Fall 2017 was $21,500 Awarding more than $67 million in institutional aid, Adelphi is committed to affordability. Beginning in fall 2018, Adelphi will offer the Enhanced Assistance Grant which is available to assist eligible full-time undergraduate students, both new and continuing, by supplementing our already generous scholarship and grant awards. The award amount is $3,000 per year and is renewable each year as long as the eligibility criteria continue to be met.

When comparing costs, compare total costs—not just the cost of tuition.

“Free tuition” does not cover the costs of fees, room and board. You’ll likely find that the final out-of-pocket cost at Adelphi may be quite comparable, given the generous financial aid packages we offer.

There are no strings attached with Adelphi’s scholarships—as long as you keep your grades strong.

You will have access to small classes and to passionate professors, mentoring and the high-impact learning opportunities needed for your career success. And the best part? You can work wherever you’d like after graduation. We care about your happiness and success.

Adelphi’s mission—to transform the lives of students through a personalized approach—makes an Adelphi education well worth the cost.

Strong graduation rates, low loan default rates, high graduate average salaries and small class sizes matter. Adelphi will give you the tools you need to succeed.

*As of Fall 2017

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For more about the conditions and limitations of the New York State Excelsior Program, please visit LimitlessLearningNY.

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