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Other Fees and Charges

2018–2019 academic year rates for other fees and charges.

Fee rates for the academic year are set each year by the Board of Trustees of Adelphi University.

University and Technology Fees

University fees cover the use of all academic and recreational facilities and services — including the library, recreation and sports, health services, counseling and career services — and provides for security, shuttle transportation services, and accident insurance for all students.

The technology fee is used to maintain a wireless campus, provide web and eCampus services, allow students access to hundreds of PCs and Macs across campus, as well as the latest smart technology in classrooms.

Student Activity Fee

The student activity fee is allocated and disbursed by the Student Government Association to recognized student groups.

Housing Fees

We have a variety of living options to fit your budget and lifestyle.

Course Fees

Certain courses have specific fees associated with them that are not reflected below. Please refer to the course catalog for more information.

Other Fees and Charges

Application Fee Cost
Undergraduate $40
Graduate $50
Continuous Matriculation fee $125
Continuous Matriculation fee with advisement (social work) $3,540
Criminal Background check fee (when required) $100
Deposits Cost
Tuition for new students (nonrefundable) $250
Graduate Program deposit $200
Room and board $300
Employer deferment fee $75
Graduation reapplication/late filing fee $25
Learning Resource/Bridges Program (additional) $250
Late Registration Fee Cost
Undergraduate $160
Graduate $55
Orientation Cost
First-year students (fall semester only, nonrefundable) $325
Transfer and first-year students (spring semester only) $80
Other Charges Cost
Medical Insurance $2,582
Off-Campus Registration fee $125
Registration reinstatement fee $150
Summer Registration fee (nonrefundable) $125
Summer Technology fee (per semester) $160
Withdrawal fee $125
Transcript fee (per copy) $12
Two-payment plan $60
Uncollected check (returned by bank) $25
Bridges to Adelphi (continuing students prior to Fall 2015, per semester) $3,280
Bridges to Adelphi (new students Fall 2015 and later, per semester) $4,265
Learning Resource Program fee (per semester) $4,730
Learning Resource Program fee (summer) $2,660
Music private instruction (per semester) $1,185
Music private instruction (summer) $345
Social work graduate activity fee (10 or more credits) $20
Social work graduate activity fee (fewer than 10 credits) $15

Students who take any courses held at the Garden City campus will be governed by the on-campus tuition and fee rates.

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The Board of Trustees of Adelphi University reserves the right to change this tuition and fee schedule without prior notice. The Office of Student Financial Services must be consulted for the current tuition and fee schedule.

The information contained on this site is subject to change without notice.

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Office of Student Financial Services
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